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Irish Translator
BRAND NEW! 'Av a go wi' de new lethal Paddy Translator. Wi' thousands av slang words an' expressions from Iron (Ireland), we are sure thon ye will enjoy writin' gas paddy emails til all yer friends! This is de translator thon ye 'av all been askin' for - finally we 'av given in! (Ireland)

Cockney Rhyming Slang Translator
NEW! Try aht the bleedin' bran' new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang translator! Hairy Biscuits and Cheese type a phrase into the Charles Fox in 'ere, and learn 'a ter Rabbit and Pork like a true Londoner! (London)

Ali G Translator
Ali GCheck out da Ali G translator! Just type in wot ya want to say, an' da whoohoo.co.uk translator will convert hit into Ali G speek!
Scouse Translator
Awright and welcome ter de sea-pie translator! Click e' ter rabbit like those people from Tay Town! Dis is one o' de largest databases ever compiled o' de dialect! (Liverpool)
Yorkshire Chicken Run Translator

Chicken RunT'Yorksher people are also given eur mention with this champion translator. Really feel as if theur are up north just like in Chicken Run!

Geordie Translator   Scottish Translator
Try yeut the Geordie Translator! Enter ye phrase into the box and watch as the clivvor thing translates the English into Geordie-speak! (Newcastle)
Scotland is nae missed oot wi' this stoat addition tae the whoohoo.co.uk site!
Posh Translator   Brummie Translator
Well I say - if you want to speak just like royalty, then this is the place for you! This is the propah weay to speak you knoh (English).
Welcum ter the Brummie Translator! This bostin translator woe fettlingly convert yer phrase into Brummie talk! Go on - gie it a goo! (Birmingham)
Add Words to the Databases   Joke of the Day
Add your own words to any of the dialect databases. It is through your additions that the translators improve in quality.
Finally - the Joke of the Day! This is updated every day and is not to be missed! Some of the jokes may be of a slightly adult nature at times.

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whoohoo.co.uk 'an example of excellence in website accessibility'
whoohoo.co.uk was among just five websites including egg.com and Oxfam, praised for their excellent accessibility, following a landmark study by the Disability Rights Commission. [more]

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whoohoo.co.uk was shortlisted for 'Best Funny Site' of the Yell.com Awards 2001 in London, hosted by Graham Norton. Unfortunately Cadbury's Timeout won the prestigious award, but it was great to have been recognised by so many leading figures in the Internet Industry along with big names such as BBC, Sainsbury's and egg.com. [full article]


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